Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Coarc Manufacturing is a highly efficient and effective lean manufacturer. Our modern warehousing, storage, and shipping capabilities enable us to provide turnkey management services to enhance the efficiency of and cost controls across your entire supply chain.

 Services include:

  • Sourcing. Let us assume complete responsibility for inventory management of your raw materials and all custom critical components required to support your complete finished product.
  • Procurement. We can handle the contracts, procurement, inspection, and stocking of your raw goods inventory.
    • Inventory Management of finished goods inventory. Our system integrates production, inventory, and order processing to meet your requirements.
    • Logistics. Coarc can ship finished goods to your warehouse or your customers’ distribution centers via our own trucking fleet or using common carriers and FTL/LTL shippers.
    • Order Fulfillment. We offer pick-and-pack and shipment of orders on a daily basis.

Consider consolidating your supply chain operations with one-stop shopping at Coarc Manufacturing, the reliable resource for so many quality manufacturers.

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