Facilities & Equipment

Coarc Manufacturing operates two climate-controlled facilities in Columbia County, New York, totaling 80,000 square feet. Conveniently located near major transportation arteries, Coarc Manufacturing provides same-day delivery to regional clients.

Mellenville, NY. Our Mellenville facility includes our custom injection molding operation and our hand assembly and packaging operation together employing 125 people in 64000 square feet. We have been providing assembly from this location since 1965 and molding since 1989, and have earned the reputation of providing molding, assembly and packaging solutions that deliver the most complex plastic parts and assembled components at the highest levels of quality and on-time reliability.

Hudson, NY. Our Hudson facility includes several semi-automated production lines dedicated to customers-specific product lines. Each custom production operation is designed to provide the most efficient, highest quality production of customers’ products.  We also warehouse and provide order fulfillment services in our 20,000 square foot facility.

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