Coarc invests in green practices at every level of operations

Environmental Sustainability is a Priority

Coarc, located in Columbia County, NY, is a small non-profit business with a large-business outlook. We believe we have an ethical obligation to safeguard the environment by embracing the most responsible business practices.

A key initiative at Coarc is our ongoing investigation into and investment in green practices at every level of operations. Since our founding in 1965 we have adhered to best practices for reducing, recycling, and reusing consumable materials. We continually seek ways to mitigate the impact of plastics manufacture, assembly operations, and packaging.

Initiatives to date include:

  • Use of recycled resins.
  • Installation of solar panels at both of our plant locations.
  • Implementation of a cardboard recycling program.
  • NYSERDA energy efficiency audits at both of our facilities in 2011.
  • Updated both facilities to energy efficient lights.

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